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For decades, Tredwell's has accepted trade-in of used music.  This policy, plus our frequent acquisition of libraries & estate collections, has created the largest commercially available source of out of print music in Canada.

Our website has been active since January/2013 and is dedicated primarily to out of print music. Certain rare or expensive items that we have in stock as "used" are also listed as a service to those looking for savings. To date(Oct/2021) we have posted over fourteen thousand such items, both sheet and book. We have another 50,000+ to go. So..................if you need a title that is out of print and don't see it on the site, please make contact and we will do a physical search.

Tredwell's also operates as a book-bindery. We have the capability to both spiral bind and heat laminate soft cover books that are otherwise difficult or impossible to use on a piano ledge or music stand. We refer to our process as Snake-Coil Binding. Most of our used/out of print books have been refurbished in this fashion.......transforming them into "better-than-new" condition.

As a sheet music retailer we do carry new, "in print", books from most major publishers. However, a book purchased at Tredwell's is unlike the same book purchased anywhere else in the world. Snake-Coil Bound and laminated publications provide the ultimate in durability and ease-of-use. A Snake-Coil Bound book ensures optimal performance. Accompanists breathe a sigh of relief when presented with a Tredwell's Snake-Coil Bound copy of Schubert Lieder or a Broadway/Opera score.

F.Y.I. We Snake-Coil Bind and heat laminate all G.Henle books of over eighty pages.........an investment in a Henle book is significant..........Tredwell's ensures your investment is both maximized & protected for years of use.

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